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Debt Collectors International (DCI)

Who Are We?

DCI is a full-service debt collection agency with a network of over 400 attorneys worldwide capable of handling any collection matters that clients may be challenged with. With over 50 years of experience within the industry our management team, and our agents have the skills and training needed to produce higher results at a faster pace than our competition.


The Debt Collectors International (DCI) Affiliate Program is a unique opportunity for financial professionals to boost their income potential while providing added value to their clients. Affiliates partner with DCI, a reputable debt collection agency with a proven track record in successfully recovering outstanding debts. The program offers a robust commission structure, allowing affiliates to earn a competitive 5% commission on every dollar collected from clients they refer directly. What sets this program apart is the multi-tiered system, where affiliates continue to earn commissions as their referred clients become affiliates themselves and refer new clients to DCI, creating the potential for substantial passive income. Furthermore, DCI provides a range of resources, including training materials, marketing collateral, and a dedicated support team, to empower affiliates to succeed. This program is not only financially rewarding but also strengthens client relationships, expands professional networks, and enhances one’s reputation as a trusted financial advisor.

In summary, the DCI Affiliate Program offers a win-win opportunity for financial professionals to diversify their income, collaborate with like-minded industry peers, and provide clients with a valuable debt recovery solution. With a clear and lucrative commission structure, the potential for exponential earnings through multi-tier referrals, and comprehensive resources and support, it is an attractive option for CPAs seeking to unlock their full financial potential.



Q. How long does the process take?

At DCI our goal is to find a swift resolution to your collection matter. Upon receipt of your claim, our agents will make their initial contact attempts and try to resolve the circumstance amicably. At the 30-day mark we will then start evaluating the case to see if it meets the requirements to be received by our legal forwarding department.

Q. When is it time to use a collection agency?

Money that is past due must be recovered quickly with haste and intention. Failing to do so may jeopardize the likelihood of a successful collection. Just remember the number 3, if your customer is 3 times over the net terms, has not returned 3 messages, or has promised to pay 3 times without actually doing so it is time to take action.